Become A Dividends Volunteer

Dividend's LogoTo volunteer at any SCPS school, including as field trip chaperones, you must be a registered Dividends Volunteer. 

Even if you have registered in the past, you must update your information each school year.

Visit the Dividends Volunteer Program website for more information.

Volunteer Guidelines

  • Volunteering should be FUN! Enjoy your time as you make a difference in the life of a child!
  • Sign-In and Sign-Out (Safety and Security).
  • Please honor your commitment.
  • Dress appropriately for school setting.


  • Always have a district person with you unless you are a mentor or tutor.
  • Never discipline a student.
  • Confidentiality - what happens in the classroom stays there.
  • Never participate in social media activities during classroom volunteer time.
  • Volunteer time vs. Parent-Teacher conference.
  • Dividends may not conduct personal business at school.
  • Do not bring other children during volunteer time.
  • Dividends should not provide gifts of value to students.
  • Dividends are assigned to staff members who have requested volunteers.
  • Dividends agree to abide by SCPS School Board Policies and Procedures.

Visitor, Volunteer, and Vendor

  • A visitor may attend any academic meetings concerning their student, watch a program or award ceremonies from the audience, and eat lunch with their student.
  • All volunteers must be a registered Dividend.
  • Approved vendors must be registered and fingerprinted with SCPS Purchasing Department.