Our Mission

Dr. Tina Erwin

Assistant Principal:
Claude Archie

WSES Mission Statement:
Winter Springs Elementary, in partnership with their families and community, provide a safe learning environment where students reach their fullest potential, develop into responsible citizens, and become lifelong learners.


Winter Springs Elementary

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Welcome to Winter Springs Elementary School

Dear Parents and Family Members,

It is the time of year where we ask for your feedback on our school environment.
Please take 5 minutes and visit the link below to take part in Seminole County's Parent Climate Survey.


Winter Springs Elementary is a K-5, public school in the city of Winter Springs, centrally located in Seminole County, Florida.

Our curriculum focuses on the Sunshine State Standards and proficiency skills needed by all students in Reading, Writing, Math, and Science to be successful. Special emphasis is given to developing students' critical thinking skills which includes quality instruction in Art, Music, Media, Physical Education, and Technology.

Winter Springs Elementary caters to students with diverse skills, abilities, and cultural backgrounds by employing support staff, innovative programs, and extra curricular activities to develop the student's full potential.